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Castex Products’ main core business is the production and development of medical devices and tablets for the administration of active ingredients important to animal welfare.

We actively conduct research into areas that might benefit from our approach. We also seek companies throughout the world who are involved in animal welfare and are in a position to assist in developing and taking such products and ideas to market.

We hold many patents in this field and are well known to most of the major pharmaceutical companies who are involved with veterinary products. Our work over the last twenty years has given Castex an in depth knowledge and insight into this area of animal welfare, and the products that serve it. We often provide solutions to the major pharmaceutical companies’ needs. We develop and provide all the manufacturing data and prototypes required for testing.


Our development process often follows the following pattern:


  • Identification of a suitable area for research
  • In house generation of suitable proto types.
  • In house generation of testing and evaluation procedures.
  • Evaluation of possible manufacturing process.
  • Initial sourcing of raw materials and costing.
  • Collection of data sufficient to establish suitable patent cover, if not already covered.
  • Research to ensure we are not infringing on any other patents.
  • Research into the market place, to establish the most likely partner to take the idea to market.
  • Providing the idea to the customer/partner.
  • Manufacture of first prototypes for field-testing.
  • Evaluation of first results and further development that can go on for some years.
  • Development of production methods, manufacture and obtaining of pilot plant machinery and formulation of the ''method of manufacture''.
  • Evaluation and development of in house testing procedures for both raw materials and finished product.
  • Documentation and protocol procedures as laid down by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. Generation of supporting documentation.
  • Final field trials, application for a Manufactures Licence and supporting data for the product Licence.
  • Adoption and application of quality control procedures.


The above list is not inflexible or by any way exhaustive. Each idea follows its own natural path of development.


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